The Downsides and Upsides of Online Dating

March 3, 2010 by admin  
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Our digital world has, in many ways, provided greater productivity and efficiency by making everything instant and easy. Just a push of a button and problems, which were traditionally mulled over for hours and days, could be solved.

In recent years, technology has yet again provided another instant institution that, though perhaps is contradictorily both simple and complicated, has redefined social interaction, as we know it. Now, with a push of several buttons, a person can have a date even in the comfort of one’s dishelved house clothes. This instant dating practice is what we now call online dating.

With its growing popularity however naturally comes a barrage of criticisms that may not be thoroughly violent in nature but are disparagements nonetheless. The first obvious objection is that online dating has become a venue for people to promote false identities. This in effect means that people who participate in online dating do not really arrive at honest and deep relationships. Online dating may therefore only be a waste of time getting to know someone who is not a real person or is an aggregate of different projected personalities.

Some also believe that online dating does not promote lasting and meaningful relationships and may only be a venue not to date but just to meet. Dating of course presupposes that the man and the woman in the date are seeking some sort of romantic connection or attachment. Online dating therefore may not be what real dating is about.

A more resounding objection to online dating is the idea that many online daters have become victims of con men and women and exploiters. It is commonly believed that those on online dates may become more prone to financial and sexual exploitation.

It is this last objection that has probably led some to propose that online dating should be regulated. This means that here should be legislation to determine the conduct of online dating. One way to regulate and ensure the safety of online dating subscribers is to check the background of a service’s subscribers.

Although online dating has had many detractors, it has had its fair share of supporters. Many contend that it is not true that online dating is simply a venue for superficial social interactions. Some who have met their partners or spouses through the Internet attest to the benefits of online dating. They believe that the key is to simply allow oneself to enter into prolonged communication with a potential partner before deciding to go beyond the net to an actual meeting. A lot of people will also testify that they have indeed formed lasting and deep relationships with people they have met through the Internet.

The supporters of online dating also suggest that it is not true that many have become victims of exploiters and that such actual cases of exploitation are really isolated cases that have been blown out of proportion.

As for regulating the industry, advocates of online dating suggest that instead of regulating subscribers, they should be educated instead, with online dating services providing tips for successful online dating experiences.

If it is true that controversy truly proves a thing’s popularity, than online dating by far is truly a popular phenomenon.




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