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Now I’m writing this letter to just wake up and thank you. It is a very fine behavior, teacher, that you share these lessons that you give to your own special students with us without waiting for a response, and ask us to learn. I hope your video views will be in tens of thousands, not thousands, as you deserve. I think the more people watch these videos, the more useful they will be. I want to learn English as a philosophy of life, not for an exam as you have stated. Again, whether for different methods or for motivation purposes, your personal blog caught my eye while I was doing research on the internet.

Frankly, at first I thought it was a classic, mundane, and insincere blog, like every other training group, with explanations and advice. But with a quick glance, the rest came. Indeed, you have treated English as a whole, with a very different, real language perception. This leaves all other stereotypes behind. In addition, although your student years are worse than those among us, you are helping a lot with your success, your invaluable technique and guidance because you have come to this stage and experienced it personally.

Despite all your efforts, I wanted to express my humble thanks, albeit not much. May Allah be pleased with you, insha’Allah. Hello, first of all, I admire your success. I was a person who hated English in primary and secondary school.

Each of our students will be able to apply this mold letter, which you will find below, according to their own wishes. First, in the blanks of the letter given in numerical order, again the same. Hello there . Let’s write a letter of introducing ourselves right now. Hello; My name is Helin. I am 16 years old. I am from Turkey. I am student.

I met an English teacher in high school, he was attending our class. I even learned at that time which subjects would come after am, work, are even though I learned late. I chose the foreign language department and studied the language department for 3 years.

I loved English very much now but complained about learning grammar only or learning languages ​​by taking tests. But what could we do because we were exam students. Anyway, I graduated from high school only knowing grammar. I am now reading the part of the profession that I say never be.

We have advanced reading and writing classes. As someone who has never written an essay article before, I have a hard time in that lesson. Writing I didn’t even know how to improve. I came across your videos. Then I met the essay guide. I bought it directly from the internet last month. I was so happy when I received the book… I found a medicine like that when a person was hurting, looking for painkillers and how happy they were when they found them… everything has a solution right ????

Do not sit in the hall during training breaks! But nothing beats a good old-fashioned and friendly letter, and you can learn how to write a friendly letter in this wikiHow article! Each option offers standard accommodation as well as optional extras; These could be the indoor gym, home theater, swimming pool or much more.

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