Modern Day Dating Through the Cyber World

March 2, 2010 by admin  
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Indeed, dating has invariably evolved from the original concept of formal house calling as a part of courtship to the dating that we know today as a venue for socially interactive fun. What we barely realize though is that dating has evolved even more nearly over night. In a span of a few years since the inception of computer and internet technology online or cyber dating was born.

In many aspects, cyber dating may differ greatly from the traditional form of dating. In traditional dating, there is some attempt at knowing somebody better or at least meeting the person face to face first before actually inviting him/ her to a date. In cyber dating, the first social interaction happens online, sometimes even without the benefit of seeing each other’s faces first. The word itself implies that dating is largely done through the internet and that formal face to face dating may or may not come after some time.

Online dating has gained much popularity in the recent years for many different reasons. For busy people this may be a perfect way to meet someone new without having to spend time at dating prerequisites such as grooming and roaming around the local night circuit in search of a potential date. Online dating has also become attractive for the physically and socially insecure since it lessens the sting of possible rejection. Of course, there are those who are neither busy nor insecure but just relish the mystery and excitement behind virtually unknown dates. What is common however, among all those who subscribe to online dating is that they like it better than traditional dating because of the relative ease.

What people, especially ladies, should remember however is that online dating is rife with dangerous possibilities. Online dating can easily make anyone open to exploitation and harassment. Anyone who is thinking of getting into online dating should be thoroughly careful and mindful of basic precautions.

Before even considering hooking up with someone in the net, go on a prowl for a reliable and reputable dating service, one that may be able to prevent some forms of harassment or may be able to help you when things become suspicious.

Once you are online, be immediately protective of yourself. Remember what your elders had always been telling you in the past, “Never talk to strangers.” Although it is not advisable to obey this rule in cyber dating, a modified rule should at least be followed. In the internet, the rule should be, “Be careful when talking to strangers.” Although it may be understandably exciting at first to share information with a new acquaintance, be level headed. Do not give away pieces of confidential and potentially exploitable information. Do not for example immediately give away your complete name, address and phone number. Of course, there will come a time when you will be expected to reveal such pieces of information but do not do so during the first few instances of communication.

This is another way of saying that you should not be in a hurry for matters to progress to a higher level. Take a lot of time in getting to know your cyber date before getting into the details. This is not the same however as being dishonest. You can be honest about your interests, height, weight, age and a lot of other things, but just not your contact information just yet.

Remember, online dating may be exciting and a lot of fun, but be on the side of caution at all times. Otherwise, fun and romantic expectations can easily turn to a horror story.



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