Flirting: How To Send The Right Message

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For most of us, especially the guys, we know too well how to flirt with the opposite sex. It is our nature to send signals saying “I like you” and “could you be mine?” whenever we get attracted to someone. This might sound like it’s going to be an automatic thing once you get there, but there are certain things you need to consider. Sending the right message is very crucial.

Before doing such a thing, you might as well know first what you really want out of that person. Goals should be clear before initiating such moves. If you are really not that interested, it would be best to abandon the idea. When you flirt, take note also of the response and always be alert of the signals being sent back. Flirting can be done verbally or in a form of body language. A combination of both could work perfectly.

Choosing the right words.

When you say something or complement your date, try choosing words that could flatter the person. The right words should be simple but with a high impact. Be careful not to be offensive though. The word “sexy” can both be charming and disastrous. So, better think first on how to use these words before throwing them out of your mouth.

Using body language.

There are a lot of body languages you can use to flirt. You have to choose them carefully and use them at the right time. An example would be a glance; when your partner speaks, give her a glance or a brief stare. A five-second straight stare would surely work to your advantage. When you do this, don’t say a word. This would mean that you are very interested in her and that you are certainly agreeing on whatever she was saying. Do not overdo it though; you will only scare her off. Another one to pull out is the thing called, “semi-smile”. The type that doesn’t show your pearly whites; just a way of telling that you are glad you are with her.

Reducing the distance.

When the conversation is getting a bit interesting, try to appear a little more interested by pulling your seat closer to her. This will help you in implementing your next moves. If you get a chance to whisper something, do it. But don’t stick too close; just enough distance for her to smell your perfume. This could give her a turn-on.

Closing the gap.

Have you noticed those people who are having a good time, they tend to lean sideways to the person they are with? That is exactly what you should try to do. When you laugh, try to lean sideways towards your date. A soft shoulder-to-shoulder touch could be very explosive. This could somehow pave the way for a hug or even a kiss, if you are lucky. Still, this should be a great way to jumpstart your physical connection to your partner.

Evaluate your flirting style.

Every now and then you have to check your flirting style. Are you being too subtle? Or are you being too pushy? Evaluate this by reviewing the last few dates you have had. It may not be that hard interpreting it. Being declined politely by your date may mean that you were too soft. A slap in the face or a partner walking out on you definitely means you were too pushy.

Sending the right message when you flirt determines the outcome of your date and the achievement of whatever goals you have set. Be wise enough to choose the right flirting techniques and be alert as to when to use them. Remember, women are individually unique. You can never use the same technique to all.


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