Dating Tips for Gentlemen: What To Do During A Date

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Out in search for a potential date, and making the offer to have a date — the next step is the date itself. It may seek less daunting than the pre-date preparations. In reality however, the actual date itself may be as stressful as the prelims. What can you do to make sure that the date doesn’t turn ugly, that you’re date doesn’t end up crying or slapping you, that you don’t end up depressed or bored?

Of course, since you’re ready for the first date, it is presumed that you’ve done your pre-date preparations fairly well. That is, you’ve made sure that the girl you’ve chosen to ask out is someone who has qualities you really like. If you’ve skipped this preparation detail, then it bears repeating. Be sure what you want in a date. If you’re looking for a few nights of fun, then it might be a good idea to be clear about this to your date who may want a long-term relationship instead. It’s also a good idea to at least make an effort to know you’re date first before the actual date. If you’re in a social event and you think you see someone you like, say hello and make the effort to initiate some small talk. A good date may be defined by your initial compatibility with your potential date.

When you’ve decided to ask the lucky girl out, consider where you want to ask her. Your first date is of course the time when you want to get to know the girl you’re taking out. Going out to a noisy, smoky, poorly lighted dance club may therefore not be the best option, unless of course there is some special reason why you absolutely have to take her to a club. If you’re really intent on knowing who she really is however, then find a date venue that can promote comfortable conversation like a restaurant.

Before you pick up or meet your date, take one last look at the mirror and one last sniff at the upper sleeves. It is of utmost importance to make sure that you are fairly well groomed. Who wouldn’t be attracted to a presentable, well-groomed date? Sloppiness is a tremendous turn off.

Have some flowers or a flower ready when you pick up your date. It may be old-fashioned but unless your date is allergic to blossoms, flowers are still fairly appreciated by females.

During your date, be mindful of your manners. This may seem like another archaic consideration, but even extreme modernists and liberals go for basic manners. Burping for example and picking your teeth in front of your date is a sure way for you to drive her straight out of your sight. If you know that your date is appreciative of old chivalry, it may also be a good idea to open doors and pull out chairs for her. Be careful though. Make sure that she is the type who likes old gentlemanly ways.

In spite of all your best efforts however, your date may still end up badly. You may not click after all. If you feel that there is absolutely no point of connection, then be honest with your date. There’s a possibility she may feel the same.

All in all, even as dating has become fair play for both sexes, a lot is still actually expected of men. In many ways, a successful date may hinge on a lot of aspects that only men can determine.




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