Dating:How To Introduce Yourself To A Woman

March 6, 2010 by admin  
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Almost all dating has to start with an introduction. A friend, an officemate or a family member will likely do the introduction for you. Unfortunately, you don’t have them around all the time. So once you see that someone whom you think will be a perfect date, be sure to know which tricks to pull out. Here are some tips on dating and how to introduce your self to a woman.


Let’s say for example you are in a bar or a coffee shop and you see this lovely lady across the table. You certainly would not want to go home without knowing her name or getting her number. There are several tips on how to introduce your self to a woman and there are no hard rules about it. You just have to keep in mind those that are very important. Now, here’s one very important tip. I strongly advise that you wait for a few minutes first before ever making a move. Chances are you will only end up in trouble if you act instantly. You have to consider if the lady is with someone or if she is waiting for someone. You will be able to identify certain markers or indicators that she is alone once you start observing. In short, stay away from trouble. Once you start observing, you will also start noticing what she is interested in. Which magazine she’s reading, the dress she is wearing and of course, what type of coffee or drink she is sipping at that very moment. These items will come in handy as part of your punch line once you decide to go for it. It is also important to know from a distance which company she works for, or what her business is. You can do this just by simply looking at the company logo printed on her laptop bag, her uniform or even her notepads. You might end up introducing yourself to one of your existing clients and for all you know, she remembers you totally. That would be very embarrassing.


From time to time you should also send signals to her that you are interested. You can’t expect the lady to interpret your moves the way you want it so don’t ever give that scary stalker-type stare. It will freak her out. A brief, accidental-like stare would be very nice. Not only will it make you look good but it will also make the lady wonder who you are and what you are up to. This is good because when a woman starts to wonder about you, you would not have any trouble looking for things that might interest her. She is obviously interested in you already. Now that you are ready and she is with no one. You can start sending a smile, or better yet you can order a free drink for her. It will surely make her smile and when she gives you that straight look, just say “cheers”. This is the crucial part. The next reaction will tell you whether you should pursue your goal or not. I think it does not need rocket science to know if you should make the next step. A frown or a blank look is definitely telling you to stop and change course. A sweet thank you or even just a smile is already a signal for you to go and introduce yourself.


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